“Many people out there have a need for uplifting music right now” – Interview with Pekka Ansio Heino of Brother Firetribe

Finnish melodic rock band Brother Firetribe released their new album Feel The Burn – a tribute to appealing US-American dreams of long road trips, vintage cars and old rock music. Creatively playing with these clichés, Brother Firetribe still reinvent themselves on this record, not only in the course of the change in the lineup. Indeed, it stirred up the dynamics in the band and tickled them to find a new, fresh twist of the band’s sound. SKULL NEWS met singer and writer Pekka Ansio Heino to talk about the new album.

Wir sind Affen in Unterhosen, leben in einem Käfig aus Technologie und können nicht zurück in die Bäume – Interview mit Johannes Eckerström von Avatar

Avatar räumen gerade mit ihrem neuen Album Hunter Gatherer die Charts auf und bekommen in der internationalen Musik-Presse durchweg Lob und positive Kritiken. Auch die Fans der schwedischen Melodic Crossover Metal Band sind begeistert, vor allem vom Variantenreichtum und Stilmix der Platte. So finden sich Anleihen an bekannten Gruppen wie Soilwork, andere Songs beziehen sich auf die simplizistische Aggression von Rammstein, wieder andere klingen progressiv und verspielt wie System Of A Down. Trotzdem bleiben Avatar sich selbst treu. Wie machen Avatar das nur?! Unser neues Teammitglied Hugo hat bereits eine ausführliche Rezension zu Avatar’s neuer Hitmaschine verfasst, einmal auf Englisch und einmal auf Französisch, und gemeinsam haben wir Frontmann Johannes Eckerström per Skype zum Interview getroffen.

We do everything on our own from scratch – interview with HUMAVOID

SKULL NEWS isn’t sparing any efforts to bring you the newest news! Our journalist Jasmin met the Finnish progressive aggressive metal band Humavoid in Helsinki to discuss their upcoming album Lidless. The creative rollercoaster ride somewhere between metal, modern classic music, jazz and a high dose of insanity, philosophical thoughts and art is going to be released August 21st via Noble Demon and can be pre-ordered now! We already published a review (here) in German on SKULL NEWS for those who want to know how Humavoid sound before Lidless comes out. Humavoid are one of the most promising bands in the saturated genre of progressive metal and are a SKULL NEWS top recommendation of 2020! Initially, I discovered Humavoid during the Modern Heavy Metal Conference at Aalto University School of Business in 2019, where their singer Suvimarja Halmetoja was one of the musicians invited to the plenary discussions. Humavoid’s music struck me like a lightning bolt and when they announced their new full length album Lidless, needless to say that I wanted to know how the band has evolved in the mean time! Suvimarja Halmetoja and Niko Kalliojärvi are the core of the band and took their time to meet me in Helsinki. Here’s our interview with Humavoid!

“Sometimes inspiration just strikes you” – interview with IGNEA

Some time ago, SKULL NEWS presented the new album The Realms of Fire and Death by IGNEA. Today, their charismatic and versatile vocalist Helle virtually sat down with us to discuss where the Ukranian band gets their inspiration from.

„What you see coming out of this pandemic, are the real, true artists“ – Interview with David REECE

A few weeks ago, SKULL NEWS already presented you the outstanding heavy metal album Cacophony Of Souls by REECE (El Puerto Records) on which David Reece (Accept, Sainted Sinners, Bonfire and many other) not only shows a whole new level of vocal versatility. But also shows new, more emotional sides of himself, and of course kicks asses as ever. David Reece is currently under quarantine in Italy and cannot tour with the new album. But he uses his involuntary time off to write new songs for his band as well as for a secret new project. Discover what David Reece has up his sleeve in our interview!

“Nature is just so much stronger in the end” – Interview with Tuomas Saukkonen from Wolfheart about their new album

Luckily, there is Internet, so we could easily “meet” Tuomas Saukkonen from Wolfheart, currently in Lapland, on Skype. In our interview, we discussed their upcoming album Wolves Of Karelia (our review here), the Finnish Winter War, the endurance of the Finnish people, the rough nature and how all of this entered the songwriting for the new LP.

„Wir wollen nicht steril und nach Mainstream klingen“

SKULL NEWS hat euch bereits das neue Album Soundsphaera von Sons Of Sounds vorgestellt und nun hat sich ihr Gitarrist, Wayne Beselt, die Zeit für ein Interview genommen. Sons Of Sounds machen abwechslungsreichen Heavy Rock und lassen sich von Schamanismus, Mythologien, Literatur, Träumen, aber auch von Balkanmusik und Iron Maiden inspirieren. Wie das klingt?! Lest am besten unsere Album-Review, hört euch das Album Soundsphaera an und seht die Jungs live, zum Beispiel am 5. März 2020 im Don’t Panic in Essen!

Album review and interview: The Secret Saints

Still an insider tip, it won’t stay a secret though that The Secret Saints are making great music! Modern rock ‘n’ roll from Israel/ the US. SKULL NEWS has checked their new album Can You Keep A Secret? for you, including an exclusive interview with their singer Tal Shachar.

Kobi Farhi: „If ever our utopia of peace in the Middle East were accomplished, Orphaned Land would stop making music“

“We are living in Israel. So, these stories of armies, police, chaos, terror, it is part of my life. We have rockets falling on our heads and ever since I was a kid – I grew up in a very mixed city, together with Arabs and Jews – I always had been influenced about how people can get along. But there had always been this reality of terror attacks and wars, people who say they hate me. There are always these two sides.”
“I thought, if the world is better – what the fuck will be the music of this world?! Art is about what is hurting you, what you feel, I mean you write about your pain and what bothers you. If everything is okay, what will I write?”