Album-Review: Scardust „Strangers“

Allen Schwierigkeiten zum Trotz bringt die israelische Progressive Metal Band Scardust Ende Oktober ihr neues Album Strangers heraus. Die Covid 19-Pandemie hatte lange Zeit den Produktionsprozess behindert, so gab es immer wieder totale Lockdowns in Israel und die Bandmitglieder mussten solo weiterarbeiten. Doch was lange währt wird endlich gut und so können wir uns nun […]

Album review Moral Panic by Nothing But Thieves

To sum up, the new album Moral Panic by Nothing But Thieves is a gem in independent / alternative rock. Captivating your attention with the first haunting note sung by Conor Mason, gripping the emotions, fears, hopes, anger, desperation, love of a whole generation, combining a new heavier and more aggressive tonality to the typical melancholy and even a contradictory upbeat frenzy here and there – Moral Panic is a suspenseful album that SKULL NEWS highly recommend for everyone who enjoys pop/rock with much deeper dimensions than the average bands provide in this genre. On Moral Panic, Nothing But Thieves also prove more than ever how well the young Brits have merged into a powerful combo of equally virtuous musicians who each get their special moments in the delicately arranged and mastered new songs. Moral Panic is without a doubt a SKULL NEWS top recommendation for 2020!

REVIEW: VAGUES “Au Portes de la Nuit” the waves and the storm.

VAGUES, a very promising young French band, has just released a new EP “Aux Portes de la Nuit”, SKULL NEWS did the REVIEW!

REVIEW: VAGUES “Au Portes de la Nuit”, die Wellen und der Sturm.

VAGUES, eine sehr vielversprechende junge französische Band, hat gerade eine neue EP “Aux Portes de la Nuit” veröffentlicht, SKULL NEWS hat dazu eine REVIEW gemacht !

“You have to love what you’re doing, otherwise no one else can love it “ – Interview with Netta from Smackbound

SKULL NEWS met singer and frontlady Netta Laurenne of Smackbound in Helsinki. This powerful person has one of metal’s most versatile voices, is also a successful actress and can sing any genres from opera, to jazz, pop, metal. Netta sat down with us to talk about Smackbound’s debut 20/20, their next album in the making, their creative process, women in metal and how to stand up for yourself.

The whole album is about hard work to reach your goals and represents our unique style – Interview with Memoremains

The young finnish band Memoremains mixes pop and metal in a fresh, energetic sound. After three years of touring all over Europe, while succeeding on streaming platforms and having the support of legendary bands like Battle Beast, the young band has found their own style and is now ready to present their debut album “The Cost of Greatness”. We met Memoremains on Skype to talk about their musical vision and the upcoming album.

“Many people out there have a need for uplifting music right now” – Interview with Pekka Ansio Heino of Brother Firetribe

Finnish melodic rock band Brother Firetribe released their new album Feel The Burn – a tribute to appealing US-American dreams of long road trips, vintage cars and old rock music. Creatively playing with these clichés, Brother Firetribe still reinvent themselves on this record, not only in the course of the change in the lineup. Indeed, it stirred up the dynamics in the band and tickled them to find a new, fresh twist of the band’s sound. SKULL NEWS met singer and writer Pekka Ansio Heino to talk about the new album.

Album-Review: Smackbound “20/20”

Von den Finnen hatten wir euch den Sommer über auf unserer Facebook-Seite bereits einige Vorabsingles aus ihrem am 12. Juni bei Frontiers SRL erschienenen Debütalbum “20/20” vorgestellt. Diese hatten uns mit ihrer frisch-frechen Note und dem Kick-Ass Rock sehr begeistert, und gespannt erwarteten wir das Album. Kann es das Level halten? Es kann. Die Band […]