Album review Moral Panic by Nothing But Thieves

To sum up, the new album Moral Panic by Nothing But Thieves is a gem in independent / alternative rock. Captivating your attention with the first haunting note sung by Conor Mason, gripping the emotions, fears, hopes, anger, desperation, love of a whole generation, combining a new heavier and more aggressive tonality to the typical melancholy and even a contradictory upbeat frenzy here and there – Moral Panic is a suspenseful album that SKULL NEWS highly recommend for everyone who enjoys pop/rock with much deeper dimensions than the average bands provide in this genre. On Moral Panic, Nothing But Thieves also prove more than ever how well the young Brits have merged into a powerful combo of equally virtuous musicians who each get their special moments in the delicately arranged and mastered new songs. Moral Panic is without a doubt a SKULL NEWS top recommendation for 2020!