REVIEW: VAGUES “Au Portes de la Nuit” the waves and the storm.

VAGUES, a very promising young French band, has just released a new EP “Aux Portes de la Nuit”, SKULL NEWS did the REVIEW!

REVIEW: VAGUES “Au Portes de la Nuit”, die Wellen und der Sturm.

VAGUES, eine sehr vielversprechende junge französische Band, hat gerade eine neue EP “Aux Portes de la Nuit” veröffentlicht, SKULL NEWS hat dazu eine REVIEW gemacht !

New Avatar Album “Hunter Gatherer” announced and New Song Released: “Colossus”

Oyez oyez, dear Avatar country citizens! After the last two concept albums Feathers & Flesh (2016) and Avatar Country (2018). Avatar is coming back 7th of August with their new opus called Hunter Gatherer (eOne Music). It sounds wild, right? That’s normal, according to the band’s announcements, Hunter Gatherer will return to the musical base […]