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MYRATH mischen Deutschland auf – The Magical Tour 2020

Zur Stunde weht wieder der akustische Wüstenwind mit Fernwehgarantie durch deutsche Hallen. Die franco-tunesische Prog-Metal-Band stellt ihr aktuelles Album “Shehili” vor. 10.03. Stuttgart, Universum 11.03. München, Backstage 13.03. Leipzig, Hellraiser 14.03. Berlin, Musik & Frieden 15.03. Nürnberg, Z-Bau 17.03. Frankfurt, Das Bett 18.03. Hannover, MusikZentrum 19.03. Hamburg, Headcrash Mit im Gepäck haben sie die schwedischen… Read More »

“Nature is just so much stronger in the end” – Interview with Tuomas Saukkonen from Wolfheart about their new album

Luckily, there is Internet, so we could easily “meet” Tuomas Saukkonen from Wolfheart, currently in Lapland, on Skype. In our interview, we discussed their upcoming album Wolves Of Karelia (our review here), the Finnish Winter War, the endurance of the Finnish people, the rough nature and how all of this entered the songwriting for the new LP.

Ashmedi from Melechesh “I want to transcend people”

” Also, you should remember that Israel is not one culture. In my opinion, Israel has an identity crisis itself. There are so many cultures there, it is hard to not get inspired, it’s so heterogenic. That’s what Melechesh is about, too.”
“This word apparently has very different meanings everywhere. For the Germans, the “Orient” means the Middle East, but for me, it’s a word from colonial times. It’s absurd! Everything else is “occidental”: Metallica is occidental, and Slayer and Primordial, they are all “occidental”. ”
“For me, personally, I’d say that music is for everyone. No-one owns it. I mean you should respect the others and like it, then it’s okay.”