The whole album is about hard work to reach your goals and represents our unique style – Interview with Memoremains

The young finnish band Memoremains mixes pop and metal in a fresh, energetic sound. After three years of touring all over Europe, while succeeding on streaming platforms and having the support of legendary bands like Battle Beast, the young band has found their own style and is now ready to present their debut album “The Cost of Greatness”. We met Memoremains on Skype to talk about their musical vision and the upcoming album.

Album-Review Jochen Volpert “Mister X”

Am 1. Februar erschien das neueste Werk des Würzburgers Jochen Volpert und seiner Band sowie einigen Freunden, bestehend aus Carola Thieme (Vocals, Percussion, Songwriting, Produktion, Artwork, Video)Achim Gössl (Keys)Johannes Böhm, Thomas Gawlas, Friedrich Betz (Bass, Akustik-Bass)Stefan Schön (Drums, Cajon)Jan Hees (Drums, Gesamtmixing)Chris Adam (Live-Mitschnitt und Mixing der Bonussongs von der “Wohnzimmer Session”) Alex Klebl (Mastering) […]