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„Wir wollen nicht steril und nach Mainstream klingen“

SKULL NEWS hat euch bereits das neue Album Soundsphaera von Sons Of Sounds vorgestellt und nun hat sich ihr Gitarrist, Wayne Beselt, die Zeit für ein Interview genommen. Sons Of Sounds machen abwechslungsreichen Heavy Rock und lassen sich von Schamanismus, Mythologien, Literatur, Träumen, aber auch von Balkanmusik und Iron Maiden inspirieren. Wie das klingt?! Lest am besten unsere Album-Review, hört euch das Album Soundsphaera an und seht die Jungs live, zum Beispiel am 5. März 2020 im Don’t Panic in Essen!

Kobi Farhi: „If ever our utopia of peace in the Middle East were accomplished, Orphaned Land would stop making music“

“We are living in Israel. So, these stories of armies, police, chaos, terror, it is part of my life. We have rockets falling on our heads and ever since I was a kid – I grew up in a very mixed city, together with Arabs and Jews – I always had been influenced about how people can get along. But there had always been this reality of terror attacks and wars, people who say they hate me. There are always these two sides.”
“I thought, if the world is better – what the fuck will be the music of this world?! Art is about what is hurting you, what you feel, I mean you write about your pain and what bothers you. If everything is okay, what will I write?”

Ashmedi from Melechesh “I want to transcend people”

” Also, you should remember that Israel is not one culture. In my opinion, Israel has an identity crisis itself. There are so many cultures there, it is hard to not get inspired, it’s so heterogenic. That’s what Melechesh is about, too.”
“This word apparently has very different meanings everywhere. For the Germans, the “Orient” means the Middle East, but for me, it’s a word from colonial times. It’s absurd! Everything else is “occidental”: Metallica is occidental, and Slayer and Primordial, they are all “occidental”. ”
“For me, personally, I’d say that music is for everyone. No-one owns it. I mean you should respect the others and like it, then it’s okay.”