„What you see coming out of this pandemic, are the real, true artists“ – Interview with David REECE

A few weeks ago, SKULL NEWS already presented you the outstanding heavy metal album Cacophony Of Souls by REECE (El Puerto Records) on which David Reece (Accept, Sainted Sinners, Bonfire and many other) not only shows a whole new level of vocal versatility. But also shows new, more emotional sides of himself, and of course kicks asses as ever. David Reece is currently under quarantine in Italy and cannot tour with the new album. But he uses his involuntary time off to write new songs for his band as well as for a secret new project. Discover what David Reece has up his sleeve in our interview!

Album-Review Ignea The Realms of Fire and Death

Mitte April ist es soweit und The Realms of Fire and Death kommt endlich auf den Markt! Ignea fusionieren gekonnt orientalische, folklorische Klänge mit hartem Metal, symphonischen Arrangements und modernen elektronischen Instrumenten. Besonders auffallend ist Helle Bogdanova’s starker Gesang, mal sanft und melodisch, dann legt sie mit beeindruckenden Growls los. SKULL NEWS stellt euch hier Ignea’s neues Album vor.

“Nature is just so much stronger in the end” – Interview with Tuomas Saukkonen from Wolfheart about their new album

Luckily, there is Internet, so we could easily “meet” Tuomas Saukkonen from Wolfheart, currently in Lapland, on Skype. In our interview, we discussed their upcoming album Wolves Of Karelia (our review here), the Finnish Winter War, the endurance of the Finnish people, the rough nature and how all of this entered the songwriting for the new LP.

Album-Review zu Wolfheart Wolves Of Karelia

Winter. Dunkelheit. Schnee. Kälte. Wald. Ein unerbittlicher Kampf tobt. Im neuen Album Wolves Of Karelia verarbeitet die finnische Melodic Death/ Black/ Winter Metal Band Wolfheart Erlebnisse von Veteranen des finnischen Winterkriegs von 1939/40. SKULL NEWS stellt das Album vor.

Album-Review zu Phonomik Brain Bleeder

Phonomik aus Dänemark kombinieren eine starke Powermetal-Stimme mit progressiven komplexen Strukturen, basslastigen Gitarren, spannenden Rhythmuswechseln. Auf dem neuen Album Brain Bleeder geht es um die düsteren Seiten des Menschen. SKULL NEWS stellt euch das Album vor!