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TRIGGERED aus Mainz starten ins neue Jahr

Wer im Mainzer Umland lebt, sollte sich dieses Kraftwerk nicht entgehen lassen – einmal geTriggered, für immer gehooked! 3.1.2020 im Schon Schön in Mainz (First Burst 2020, mit CCCP und Bobby Sixkiller & The Renegades 21.3.2020 Alexander the Great in Mainz 15.5.2020 M8 in Mainz Charlotte – Gesang Max – Leadgitarre Patrick – Rhythmusgitarre Chris… Read More »

Kobi Farhi: „If ever our utopia of peace in the Middle East were accomplished, Orphaned Land would stop making music“

“We are living in Israel. So, these stories of armies, police, chaos, terror, it is part of my life. We have rockets falling on our heads and ever since I was a kid – I grew up in a very mixed city, together with Arabs and Jews – I always had been influenced about how people can get along. But there had always been this reality of terror attacks and wars, people who say they hate me. There are always these two sides.”
“I thought, if the world is better – what the fuck will be the music of this world?! Art is about what is hurting you, what you feel, I mean you write about your pain and what bothers you. If everything is okay, what will I write?”