Guitars For All- Metalhead donates repaired music instruments to survivors of terror

Guitars For All- Metalhead donates repaired music instruments to survivors of terror

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Important Update (Nov. 5th, 2023): New fundraiser online for Adirs project, if you cannot use PayBox. Go to our 4fund page here to support Adir with his Guitars For All charity project.

Guitar player, singer, luthier, Adir Læbo, has come up with a very special charity project. The charismatic lead singer of Dirty Alice or Mad Alice, who was also on stage at the legendary anniversary concert of Orphaned Land on May 23, 2023 at the cult venue Reading 3 (SKULL NEWS reported), is currently collecting used stringed instruments, repairing them if necessary, and donating them to survivors of acts of terror and soldiers. Since the terrorist attacks began on October 7, 2023, many of SKULL NEWS‘ friends and contacts in the Israeli metal and rock community have suffered from the constant threats, rocket fire and uncertainty. Fans also miss carefree concerts during these times.

Adir Læbo in his guitar workshop (Photo: Adir Læbo)

But music, art, creativity, mean healing and give us humans back our humanity, self-realization, the common cheerfulness! And therefore, these are also as important as food for us. So, the idea was born to give instruments to the survivors!

Adir has already repaired and donated over 300 different instruments in his workshop near Tel Aviv, bringing great joy to over 300 people amid this war.

However, Adir’s stock is slowly running out of materials and funds, also Adir Læbo can use every helping hand.

Therefore, we call upon our loyal SKULL NEWS readers to share this article with music lovers on social media, join us in calling for donations in material (guitar strings, bass strings, cleaning supplies, bridges, frets, and similar materials for repair) and monetary donations!

To all friends in the Tel Aviv area, join us, help collect used instruments, repair them, and give them out to people!

For donations and helping Adir with his repairs, contact him directly via his Facebook site below.

Please use the PayBox App Link here (use the automatic translator in the pop up to translate to your language) for donations to Adir’s charity project Guitars For All.

If you want to support Adir as a musician, you should listen to his own songs! On the usual streaming services you can listen to the album Dirt by Alice In Chains. But especially the EP Green Mist; A foggy p.t.s.d Tale (listen here) is worth listening to in the current context. In the melancholic songs Adir Læbo processes his own trauma in an intimate way. Adir also expresses as an eloquent lyricist with verses like “Let them see their colors blend, let them kill what’s left inside” and “Nothing can cure my heart” his pain about his own wounding and that of his friends. His virtuoso guitar playing skillfully underlines his emotional, expressive voice. A must for lovers of authentic music with psychological depth.

Thanks to you! You rock! Thanks to Adir Læbo for your brilliant engagement. Long live Metal!

Adir’s statement of October, 29th, on Facebook:

Adir Læbo on his Facebook page on Oct. 29th, 2023
Guitars ready for donation in Adir’s guitar workshop (Photo: Adir Læbo)

Adir Læbo on Facebook

Laybo’s Guitar Workshop on Facebook

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