AVATAR – Ages : An Impossible Concert Experience.

AVATAR – Ages : An Impossible Concert Experience.

We have something new from the Avatar Country ! After the release of Hunter Gatherer (eOne Music), we were asking us: What will happen with live performances!?

We have the answer now, AVATAR released a new announcement video this afternoon. A new live show experience, online, delivered in 4 parts: “DREAMS“, “ILLUSIONS“, “MADNESS” and “MEMORIES“;

DREAMS” concert on January 9th: The entire Hunter Gatherer album will be played in addition to their biggest songs.

And the last three parts will be “fan voted” concerts. Fans will be able to vote their favorites songs that they want to be part of the setlist:

ILLUSIONS” concert on January 16th: A fan voted concert experience of Feathers and Flesh (eOne Music) and Avatar Country (eOne Music) songs.

MADNESS” concert on January 23rd: A fan voted concert experience of live with Hail The Apocalypse (Gain Records) and Black Waltz (eOne Music) songs.

MEMORIES” concert on January 30th:  A fan voted concert experience of Thoughts of No Tomorrow (Gain Records), Schlacht (Gain Records) and AVATAR (Gain) songs.

Tickets are available now, with different merchandising bundles HERE !

Thank you for your attention and see you soon on SKULL NEWS !

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