The Secret Saints: New music video out for “Say Goodbye”

The Secret Saints: New music video out for “Say Goodbye”

Attentive SKULL NEWS readers should know the hot rock ‘n’ roll duo The Secret Saints (USA/Israel) by now as we’ve already presented their new album Can You Keep A Secret? a while ago. For those curious to get to know The Secret Saints, check our review and interview here. One of our favourite tracks on this debut is without a doubt “Say Goodbye (feat. Kobi Farhi)” and now Tal Shachar and Chen Balbus (also in Orphaned Land) finally released the matching music video. Check it out!

The Secret Saints music video for “Say Goodbye (feat. Kobi Farhi)”

Get their album Can You Keep A Secret? on for a reasonable prize that supports the musicians (btw bandcamp waves fees every first Friday/ month!)

and drop on their social media:

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The Secret Saints on YouTube

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